Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Vol.1 – Review

Yeah, finally, a LN review !

Well, this was expected.

Well, this was expected.


So, to be simple. I don’t dislike this Light Novel. But, I wasn’t pleased. Because, it compiles so many things I don’t like from other series.

Asterisk is your average story about a recently transferred student, enrolling in a magical school which promotes elitism, and becoming friendly with the not-so-friendly princess-like character who starts to be interested in him. Meanwhile, he also happens to find his childhood friend (a girl, of course), who has a crush on him… I should stop this.

You understand clearly. It’s a rip-off and it takes other things from other series. And I don’t really like reading 364 times the same story, with the same character developements. But, I was surprised by some moments of the story that were more interesting than in similar series.

But, let’s do a real review.

So, the characters are like, well-written, yet they could give a

Don't tell me she's not cute.

Don’t tell me she’s not cute.

different feel, if only they weren’t rip-offs of other characters. Special mention to Julis, she’s cute and doesn’t rely only on boobs. Saya, on the other hand, is too plain. And Claudia, the sexual predator.

The story, if we can call it one, focuses on students able to control special meteorite fragments called Lux, allowing them to partake in three different tournaments. Still, in this volume, it’s more of a detective story with somebody wanting to stop/kill Julis. (I didn’t quite understand if the villain wanted to kill her, but oh well.)

One good thing is that the author has chosen to directly describe the full environment. Another one is that the students are not obligated to participate in those tournaments. But, hell, if “you have to got moneyyy”, win those to hit the jackpot.

A full description of the different classes of "Lux" wielders. Pretty neat.

A full description of the different classes of “Lux” wielders. Pretty neat.

So, what can I say about Gakusen ? It’s…

Okay. The story is basic but solid, characters are common, but they work well in this kind of story. Having done the worldbuilding in the first volume is a nice choice.

However, I won’t recommend it to anybody. Because, you’ll fall in every typical scene of the harem genre. If you’re fond of this, go on and read Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. But, man, I won’t go for another volume.

Maybe I’m just allergic to mainstream content.

This too.

This too.

Credits : Yuu Miyazaki, the author of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk.

Okiura, the illustrator of the series.

MF Bunko J, the publisher.


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